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Jim Henderson Photography, Professional Landscape & Fine Art Photographer and Publisher, Royal Deeside, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
20/01/2018Falls of Muick near Ballater Summer Photo
Falls of Muick
The Scenery of the Dee Book is now reissued
by the Deeside Bookshop at Ballater and is on sale at various outlets in Aberdeen and on Deeside.
This is my online library of my current photography for sale.
Please check it out as well as see my latest work of Aberdeenshire
Seeing the Aurora Borealis in Scotland and the UK.
Three Internet sites that will help you to see displays:
Site gives best predictive information about Solar activity and likely storms affecting the Earth.
Alert service for the AuroraWatch advising of storms happening from data source using a magnetometer source from Crooktree.
Offers Scottish overview of various sites including direct link to Spaceweather European Aurora Oval map, the Crooktree data and useful cloud forecasts.
Interesting article in wheretraveler.com about seeing and photographing Aurora displays:

Something that might interest parents: a friend of mind supplies 3D masks that can be made from paperboard.
Have look at Steve's site
Born in Torphins with my early schooling in Banchory I have been based on Royal Deeside in Aberdeenshire since 1974. In 1986 I began compiling an extensive collection of my photographs when I established my freelance photography business. I was a BAPLA registered photo-library from 1990 - 2010.
2017 AURORA-27th March
 Aurora: small display with more images on Crooktree.com in the Aurora Section and Alamy.
Images from that activity are on Crooktree.com and see the Links Aurora Photography article for useful information and links.
Deeside Aurora 1st Oct 2012
Aurora at Crootree 8 Oct 2012
A small display on the evening of the 13th January, 2012 between 8-10.30pm.
During the summer of 2015 there were many Noctilucent Cloud displays over Europe but I only saw two over Deeside, one in June and the photo below was taken in July.
This was taken 3rd July, 2017 and was best of only two displays I saw this year.
First Manmade Stone Structure near Cairo
The Step Pyramid at Saqqara
All photographs used to illustrate this Website are my Copyright.
Only photographs in the various Galleries can be enlarged by double-clicking them.
None of the photographs can be reproduced for commercial purposes but I am delighted for them to be used for personal use.
If you require higher quality versions then please contact me at any of the ways shown below.
I was also involved in a project for Birlinn during 2012, providing photographs for Britain's Last Frontier: A Journey along the Highland Line by Alastair Moffat
I have added a Gallery showing the 2018 range of range of Kevin Smith's calendars that I provide photographs for. The calendars will be on sale throughout Aberdeenshire and be ordered online.
Link to KSCalendars.com or see the above page for additional details.
The two Aurora Displays below show that displays over Scotland can be seen during all months of the year as they are related to activity on the Sun's surface and are not just a event occurring in Winter on Earth.
The photos below are two summer 2003 Aurora displays with Aberdeen photos below taken at Dyce and the ARI Children's Hospital.

Where to see and purchase my photographs

My own online library is at Crooktree.com .

Some early images of Scotland and the Aurora are on the Alamy.com site along with most of my Egyptian work.

 A selection of my Scottish and Aurora photographs are also on the Collections Library where they are available for purchase.

At the end of 2017 I also added all my collection of some 11, 700 photos from Crooktree Images to PICFAIR and these are available at the fixed price of 31.

Jim Henderson

HNC in Photography
Formerly a member of the Master Photographer's Association, Royal Photographic Society and taught Digital Photography evening classes at Aboyne Community Centre. Formerly tutored a week-long residential workshop at Balmoral Castle.
 River Dee and the Balmoral Estate River Dee near Invercauld on Balmoral Estate
River Nile Cruise telephoto study


River Nile


Dunnottar Castle south of Aberdeen in Scotland

Dunnottar Castle
I have experience in Press,
 Commercial and Fine Art photograph and I supply the publishing industry with photos for the Tourist Related market, especially postcards, calendars and magazines and PR.
Photograph captures maritime style on West Coast
Oban Harbour
Tulip Sculpture in Dyce near Aberdeen Airport Aberdeen book photo of new Childrens Hospital
Dramatic photograph ofTomnaverie Stone Circle near Tarland
Tomnaverie Stone Circle near Tarland
Philae Temple in Moonlight on Egyptian Cruise Tour
Philae Temple in Moonlight to left, with jousting at Castle Fraser below and Massed Pipebands at Braemar Games at bottom centre and of course my girlfriend near Tarland.
Noctilucent Cloud display over Deeside July 2015
Noctilucent Clouds Display over Deeside on 23rd July 2015
Pipebands at Braemar Games on Royal Deeside  Action Photo of Jousting at Castle Fraser in Aberdeenshire
My Girlfriends Photo near River Dee

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